Golden Six Hotel&Restaurant is one of the most preferred hotel in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole and this is all about HOSPITALITY! It is located in Lekki Scheme 1 in the heart of Lagos State, the most economically important state of the country, major financial centre and would be the fifth largest economy in Africa. We offer our corporate clients and walk in guests a perfect blend of relaxation, activities, and African tradition delicately infused to meet the highest international standards.

Golden Six Hotel&Restaurant is just a 43minutes (32.7km) away from the Airport (Murtala Muhammed International Airport).

Our hotel is designed for your comfort and convenience. Your security is paramount and you will find our customer care second to none.

The hotel is equipped with a state of the art health and Spa and Massage centre.

Our watch word is HOSPITALITY at all time and we are passionate about serving you and look forward to having you.

Welcome to Golden Six Hotel&Restaurant, Combining International Standards with African Hospitality.


The mission of the Golden Six Hotel&Restaurant is to put hospitality services on the highest level in order to satisfy the demands and expectations of guests. Our aim is to make the Golden Six Hotel&Restaurant a place for encounters, business success, pleasant meetings and gala ceremonies.


The ideology of our vision is to continue to apply and set the highest standards of service quality and in that way justify and uphold the reputation that we have among the guests, partners, competitors and the wider community. We use and constantly introduce environmentally friendly technologies and processes in order to remain in balance with nature and also meet the needs of contemporary society. Tradition is a testament to our success but in the future we also want to embrace the changes that modern time brings and become more attractive in the market and more interesting to our guests and partners through continuous learning and constantly adapting to ever-changing world.


  • Commitment to Excellence.
  • Pursuit of Growth.
  • Post-work drinks, Spa and Massage to unwind.
  • Genuine Cheerful, Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff.
  • Variety of Excellent food and drink.
  • Dedication.
  • Creativity and Passion.
  • Pride, Integrity and Discipline.
  • Socially and Environmentally Responsible.